We're going to play ACTION CASTLE together! Here's what it is:

Parsely games are based on the old text adventure parsers from the 1980s. In this   version,
a person replaces the computer, and a map and an outline of the adventure to be played replaces the

One person (most likely you) is the parser – this title comes from the old name for the programs
running text adventures (also called parsers). It’s your job to relay the game information to the
players. You will describe what the player sees, the results of the player’s actions and anything
else appearing in the game. You will also keep track of the player’s location, inventory and score. 
Refer to yourself as “I” when talking to the player. Everyone else in the game is a player. Or more
accurately, THE player – that role is shared amongst all the participants. Refer to the player as
“You” during the game.

You need at least two players to play a Parsely game. There is no maximum number of players, making
Parsely an ideal activity for parties, conventions and other large  gatherings
of geeky folk who are into this kinda thing.

Here are the rules:

  1. Be Subscribed!

  2. Log in to the MathSquad Discord

  3. Make sure your Push-to-Talk is turned on

  4. Join the Subscriber's Lounge

  5. Mute the stream

  6. I'll describe where you are, and starting with the first person on the list, you'll say what you'd type if you were playing ZORK or something, like "GO NORTH" or "EAT BREAD" and I'll reply. Then it'll be the next person's turn.

  7. Repeat until you die or beat the game!

You'll get the hang of it right quick, I'm sure. If new folks join the game, they jump into the list wherever. That's just easier to manage. If I can't hear you on your turn, I might say SYNTAX ERROR and skip over you. It's not 'cause I don't like you, it's because we gotta keep it moving!

Be gentle with each other and have fun! It's a bit of an experiment, so let's see how it goes?

Oh yeah, one more rule. Whenever I say ACTION CASTLE! you have to say it with me and do the torch-wavey hands. You'll understand right quick.