GM Conundrums?

Adam's Here to Help.

Welcome to Office Hours! Adam's been GMing since 1993 and man, that's a long-ass time. He's currently GMing 16 hours a week, give or take, and has wrangled players from the old-school to the new. He's ready to open up the office doors and invite you in to ask questions! 

Office Hours is a live twitch call-in advice show, and we need YOUR questions to make it work. To submit a question;

1) Visit and record your question for Adam. Give us your first name (or Twitch handle, if you like!) and your question. Be detailed, but try to keep it concise.

2) Once you've saved your recording, fill out the form below. The team will email you if we plan on using your recording during the show.

3) Tune in weekly for OFFICE HOURS!

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